Equine Stakeholder,
The Pennsylvania Equine Council would like you to participate in a survey for the American Horse Council Foundation’s 2017 National Equine Economic Impact Study. The initial survey of American Horse Council association members is complete. This general survey is for those that either did not take the first survey or did not receive the first one because they were not association members of the AHC. Your response is important. Please follow the directions as follows.
Charlie Van Auken
Prior to beginning the survey, please read through the following instructions:
This survey is designed to capture the impact of individual horse owners (whether commercial or recreational) and industry suppliers of equine-related goods and services, such as equine veterinarians, trainers, breeders, lesson providers, trail guides/outfitters, retail suppliers, boarding stables, and farm managers. The results of this survey will be used by the American Horse Council to promote the economic benefits of the horse industry to policy makers.
As an active contributor to the equine industry, you may have received a survey invitation from multiple sources. We require only one response from each household. However, if different members of a household manage different horse-related activities, more than one response per household is acceptable.
This survey will be asking for detailed information regarding horse-related revenues, expenses and employment. Please note that all responses are completely anonymous and confidential.
Depending upon the level of your involvement within the industry, the survey should take approximately 15-30 minutes to complete. However, if you need to exit the survey prior to completion, you may return using the same browser window for up to one week later.
Please have the following information readily available:
1. 2016 Revenue: All Horse-related revenues (i.e. stud fees, purses)
2. 2016 Capital Expenditures: All Horse-related investments (i.e. farm equipment, horses)
3. 2016 Operating Expenditures: All Horse-related expenses (i.e. feed, veterinary, riding gear)
4. 2016 Employment: Persons employed directly by you for your horse-ownership and/or horse-related commercial activity (# of full and part-time employees and salaries, wages and benefits)
Please use the link below to complete the survey:
This is a “shareable” link for you to send to friends and businesses, post on social media sites, website, blogs, etc. We want as many people as possible to take the survey. We thank you in advance for participating in this incredibly important update to the Economic Impact Study.