by Elizabeth A. Tomlin
New York State National Barrel Horse Association Finals for 2017 were held at the Fonda Fairgrounds in a 4-day meet, over a rainy Memorial Day weekend.
“This is the biggest youth turnout!” commented former NY NBHA director Carol Rapp.
With over 100 horses and riders in the Youth Division, and paying to 5th place, a jackpot of $3,621 was awarded.
Winners in the Youth Division included: 1-D winner, Josie Darling (NY 06) w/ Wind It Up Easy (15.155); 2-D winner, Shayne Vallone (NY00) w/ Hanks Ramblin Girl (15.657); 3-D winner, Izzy Decker (NY06) w/ Shamless (16.170); and 4-D winner, Caira Havens (NY05) w/ Tipsy (17.216).
In the Seniors Division, paying to 4th place, 70 horses and riders competed in the final Go. A jackpot of $2,970 was awarded. Winners were: 1-D winner Mary Senich (NY02) w/ Reds Jet Flyer (14.997); 2-D winner Rick Smith (NY06) w/ Genies Rowdy Cowgirl (15.514); 3-D winner Kathy Mitchell (NY07) w/ Sugars Moonfire (16.008); and 4-D winner Carol Rapp (NY05) w/ TRS Reverand Zevi (17.068).
With a horse and rider count of 139, and paying to 9th place, the Open Short Go boasted a jackpot of $8,324.60. First place winners included: 1-D winner Jen Bruno (NY07) w/ Magnolia Kit Kat (14.868); 2-D winner Tony Vite (NY00) w/ RF Frenchmans Sign (15.380); 3-D winner Kristina Boyce (NY06) w/ AA Austrailian Shadow (15.871); 4-D winner Patty Galway (NY07) w/ Jets Flying Bullet (16.374) and 5-D winner Peyton Falk (NY07) w/ Smooth Little Wimpy (16.995).
“It’s been a great weekend!” remarked current NYS NBHA director Samantha Eyster.