by Mark Munzert
I should have been a cattle baron with alligator Leddy’s propped upon my desk,
I could be checkin’ my profitable portfolio ‘top its’ rosewood, arabesque.
I should be eatin’ angus sirloin prepared by my personal culinary artist.
I could employ a team of bean accounters t’ minimize my tax load, they’re among the smartest.
I should have had a mansion, four car garage, out-buildings and, of course, a swimmin’ pool.
I could drive my dually diesel to pick-up my toy-haulin’ motorhome so very cool.
I should have a herd of high-dollar horse flesh with impeccable pedigree.
I could have a covered arena, a barn…50 stalls, a groom every three.
I should have remote control on all eight gates to my 40,000 acre private property.
I could bark orders from my heated air conditioned Gator with ferocious authority.
I should check my gold adorned pocket watch to ensure things git done on time.
I could remind them no-good fer nothin’ moochers they’re slackin’ on my dime.
I should have helicoptered into the big city for important high-level meetings in my penthouse office suite.
I could have closed the deal n’ had my secretary send out a self-congratulatory social med’ya tweet.
I should have the pilot swoop down low o’er my enormous Ranch so’s to see all Brangus on my land.
I could head directly for the hot-tub to relax from my hard labor and whisk off any sand.
I should have lived this life, if only I had the fortuity.
I could have lived this life, if only I’d won the lottery.
Mark Munzert has been branded ‘the Cowboy Poet of the Northeast’ as his present home is in upstate New York’s Mountains region. The ranch-hand, descendant of horse-folk, cow-losopher performs regularly at Western events, dude ranches, and many Cowboy Gatherings. Contact him at 315.480.7586 or