by Mark Munzert
‘Western Pleasure’ is in Vegas.
‘Hunters’ shouldn’t ‘jump’.
“Knockdowns” are in boxing.
‘Endurance’ – a run for Forest Gump.
‘Crops’ are in the field.
‘Header’ a face first fall.
‘Reining’, get out your umbrella.
‘Tack’ holds notes upon the wall.
‘Cutting’ is done with scissors.
‘Trail’ – a place to walk.
‘Gran Prix’ – a car by General Motors.
‘Therapy’ – a place you go to talk.
‘Gym con a’ health club bludgeon.
‘Hunter under saddle’, what a place to hide.
‘Clinicians’ were once Doctors.
‘Wrangler.’ Jeans, not an old trail guide.
‘Impulsion’ propels an effort.
‘Polo’ – a game in a pool.
‘Heelers’ are a cattle dog.
‘Versatility’, a multi-function tool.
‘Collection’ is for debtors.
‘Racing’ in a ‘barrel’, a very awkward task.
‘Pole Bending’ is a strong man stunt.
“Chasing’ up a ‘steeple’, likely with a flask.