How is the equine industry in Madison County doing? What are some areas that need improvement? What is the typical Madison County equine owner and how active are they in the industry? How are equine businesses in Madison County faring given the recent economic downturn? The Cornell Cooperative Extension wanted to answer these questions in order to determine how they can best service the local equine industry. After researching previous New York State equine surveys, Dani Pidgeon, Intern at the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Madison County, spent the past few months collecting data from her own two surveys. This research was designed to analyze the economic impact of the equine industry in the area, and to point out any areas where improvements could be made to enhance the industry in the area. There were a total of 73 respondents, 29 from equine business owners, and 44 from equine enthusiasts within Madison County. The results give an idea about what a typical equine owner in Madison County is like, the most popular disciplines, and several ideas for improving the equine industry in the area.
The research found that the majority of equine owners in the area are adults who participate in one to five equine activities annually, spending anywhere from $2,400 to $20,000 on equine related expenses each year. These adults are willing to participate in more activities, but find a lack of local events geared toward the serious adult amateur crowd. The average equine business owner spends up to $160,000 annually on equine related expenses. Only two out of 15 of businesses who responded reported earning a profit. Both equine enthusiasts and equine business owners voiced a need for a more organized method of communicating upcoming events and equine related services that Madison County has to offer. To service this need, the Cooperative Extension plans on incorporating an events calendar and a database of all the local equine businesses in the area onto their website. Look for these additions within the next few months as the Cooperative Extension gives its website a facelift!
The full 2013 Madison County Equine Industry Research report can be downloaded at: