Managing freeloaders

by Sally Colby Most horse owners will say they don’t recall ticks being a problem on their horses 10 to 15 years ago, but these freeloaders are increasingly responsible for transmitting serious diseases to both [...]

Mutton and Mead Medieval Festival

by Laura Rodley Robin the Hood, and Maid Marion got married at last, in Sherwood Forest. It was a June wedding, held stateside at the Millers Falls Rod and Gun Club in Massachusetts. Their merry [...]

The agreement of the natural aids

by Mitzi Summers When we first begin riding, and start to study the theory behind horse-human communication, we are taught that the four natural aids to be used are our seat, legs, hands and voice, [...]

What about that Coggins test?

by Sally Colby Horse owners who board, compete in shows, participate in group trail rides or moved a horse from one state to another are familiar with an important piece of paper known as the [...]

Case Study: Symphony and Ann

Show jumper running away while ridden by Mitzi Summers I was called to give an evaluation lesson to a woman, Ann, who was having problems with her Thoroughbred horse, Symphony, who she wanted to show [...]

Introducing equine sports

by Jennifer Carcaci-Trumble In a previous issue, I wrote about inexpensive options to start riding. Let’s look into some of the sports. One thing to keep in mind, for some of the sports there are [...]

Driving for the basics

by Sally Colby Eager to learn about driving, a group of women gathered at Grey Horse Stables in Gettysburg, PA for a two-day clinic with Pam Kister, an accomplished trainer. But before they got their [...]

Seven tips for making the most of clinics

by Katie Navarra Are you registered to ride in a clinic? Clinics are an opportunity to improve upon the skills you already have as well as learn something new. Whether the clinic is limited to [...]


by Mark Munzert I was down to the mill to pick-up some feed. I caught a ‘drift’, this kid had been puffin’ weed. […]